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Hospital/Health Systems
A leading provider of healthcare services in the U.S. operated under a decentralized brand model; its hospitals were functioning as completely separate entities. They came to InterbrandHealth to answer these questions: Will creating a regional system network lead to an increase in market share? Which existing hospital brand can best capture the greatest increase in share? What level of financial benefit can the organization expect from the rebrand?

By using Brand Valuation and market research, we demonstrated that a creating a regional health system, led by an existing flagship hospital, would lead to a significant financial benefit. InterbrandHealth identified two key levers that would impact the performance and growth of our client’s hospital business: a reduction in patient transfers out of the system to competitive hospitals and an increase in patient volume as a result of a creating a regional system brand. Through simulation and advanced analytics we forecasted that the estimated impact of the rebrand would be more than $100 million.

We shared our findings with our client’s hospitals and recommended a complete rebrand of the division. The recommendation was well received by the CEOs of the different hospitals and the division leadership team. Rebranding for the client is now underway.

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