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Strategic naming in pharma

Takeda Pharmaceuticals extended its diabetes portfolio with the development of a monotherapy DPPIV inhibitor and a fixed dose combination therapy (DPPIV inhibitor and Actos), both for the treatment of Type II diabetes. The challenge the company faced was how to create a compelling global brand name for each product and to define a naming strategy to accommodate future compounds within the family.

InterbrandHealth determined the optimal naming strategy was to develop a new name for the DPPIV monotherapy to signal innovation in the category and serve as a platform for naming combination products. Takeda had previously leveraged the equity of Actos® to create a “family” of names. However, the changing regulatory landscape posed some tactical considerations that influenced the naming strategy: number of similar brands, similarity between products, and communication themes.

Through InterbrandHealth’s 10/10® Brand Name Evaluation, the Takeda team was able to objectively select names for both therapies and demonstrate that names with a letter string link could safely coexist in the market.

NESINA (sophisticated, elegant next generation, sets it apart from competitive products).

OSENI (active ingredients encoding letter strings from each of the parent brand names ActOS and NESIna).

The data generated in 10/10® Brand Name Evaluation was used to support the simultaneous submission of both candidates to regulatory authorities.

Both NESINA and OSENI were approved by the FDA in 2013 on first submission.

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