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Pharma brand naming for Bydureon

Amylin & Lilly
Amylin Pharmaceuticals and Lilly (“The Alliance”) were co-developing a once-weekly formulation of exenatide, a GLP-1 agonist, for the treatment of Type II diabetes. The Alliance hired InterbrandHealth to create a compelling and distinctive brand strategy and global brand name for Exenatide Once Weekly.

In developing a global brand name for Exenatide Once Weekly, we designed a program that would minimize legal and regulatory risk and maximize commercial potential. A Byetta® brand franchise extension also involved tactical considerations such as the naming strategy (standalone vs. modifier) and leveraging the existing equity of the Byetta® brand name.

The name BYDUREON® highlighted strong and durable glycemic control and empowered the patient with endurance to overcome diabetes. Encoding the “BY-” letter string firmly positioned the brand as a Byetta® successor with the potential to aid in patient conversion and clarify market positioning.

BYDUREON® was certified as an acceptable brand name through InterbrandHealth’s 10/10® Brand Name Evaluation and InterbrandHealth’s regulatory assistance practice supported the final proprietary name submission to the global regulatory authorities.

BYDUREON was approved by the EMA in 2011 and by the FDA in 2012 on first submission to both agencies.

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