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Measuring the value of brand positioning

Novo Nordisk
In 2010, Novo Nordisk launched Victoza® (liraglutide) into a crowded diabetes market with a functional brand positioning that primarily focused on clinical features and benefits. One year post-launch, the company was interested in measuring the uptake of its brand positioning and the brand equities Victoza® had secured among key professional and patient targets.

InterbrandHealth conducted global quantitative research with key internal and external stakeholders to measure perceptions of the Victoza® brand and its competitors. Using Brand Strength, InterbrandHealth was able to benchmark brand performance, identify choice drivers, confirm Victoza’s® existing equities, and target specific areas for improvement.  Through Brand Strength InterbrandHealth also examined brand performance by geography and audience, allowing us to provide specific recommendations and tactics across these different segments.

InterbrandHealth utilized the results of the Brand Strength to sharpen the Victoza® brand positioning, pushing beyond functional features to establish a more emotional connection with key targets.

Novo Nordisk repositioned the brand and has maintained a leadership position in the injectable diabetes market.


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