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Finding SHE’s brand personality

Sustainable Health Enterprises
Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE) addresses global health problems with a unique business model: it’s a brand that embraces business investments, not charity, to spur change. The team approached InterbrandHealth because they were struggling to articulate a recent rebrand both internally and externally.

After reviewing SHE’s touch points, we determined that the primary campaign, SHE28, was overpowering the SHE global master brand, making it difficult to understand the greater objectives of the organization. By taking the SHE team through a series of exercises, we dug deep and helped to articulate the master brand’s personality. We developed and armed the communications team with fitting messaging platforms and made design adjustments to both logos, introducing greater clarity and flexibility in the visual and verbal systems.

Through the process, the client became armed with tangible brand guidelines that they could successfully use to execute and manage this inspiring brand on a day-to-day basis. Moving forward, SHE now has a much clearer visual and verbal distinction between its corporate and campaign brand and can continue to develop and grow the business exponentially.

The work is enabling SHE to better position itself with target audiences so that the team can carry on its ground-breaking work and world-changing initiatives. SHE28, the Rwandan campaign to provide affordable sanitary napkins made from repurposed banana leaves, continues to thrive and prevents women and girls from missing school and work.

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