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Wrangler Scholarship: Train to change lives

At 8:30am this morning, Guiding Eyes For the Blind, in partnership with InterbrandHealth, launched the Wrangler Scholarship fund, live on the TODAY Show.

The fund, created in honor of the Guiding Eyes TODAY Show puppy Wrangler’s 1st birthday, was launched live on the air this morning, and celebrated with a party in Rockerfeller plaza and the NBC Store. It aims to raise $400,000 – enough to partner 8 more people on the wait list with the life-changing Guide Dogs they deserve.It costs 50,000 to train a guide dog team. Guiding Eyes never charges people for their guide and service dogs, which transform people’s lives, opening up all kinds of adventures that were not possible before.

Over 300 visitors enjoyed birthday tea and treats, courtesy of Dylan’s Candy Bar, David’s Tea, and Fatty Sundays, before getting to meet the birthday boy and his siblings. #HappyBirthdayWrangler trended on Twitter, and donations are coming in at a steady rate. So far, an exciting launch for an extremely good cause.

“It’s a whole new world now. The partnership between Island and me is one of trust and confidence. She is my pathfinder.” Pedro Trejo

“I have a different vantage point now. I see hope.” The Zarro Family

For more information and to make a donation, visit
Or text WRANGLER to 41444, and help put some puppies through school!


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