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Spire says, relax

To celebrate the launch of Interbrand’s Breakthrough Brands report, InterbrandHealth spoke with a number of health and wellness brands that have changed the market in an effort to disrupt the traditional healthcare ecosystem.

Americans are freaking out. From debt to the election to terrorism, anxiety levels are higher than ever before. It’s why we’ve seen such a dramatic rise in meditation and mindfulness practices. Enter Spire. Yes, it’s a fitness tracker, but it’s much more zeroed in on mental calm than traditional wearable devices.


By understanding your breathing patterns, the brand believes a user can assuage stress and ultimately generate better overall health. It’s the connection of technology to behavior change that Spire wants to bring to the masses to chill them out. We talked with CEO and Co-Founder Jonathan Palley to learn more about the brand.

How would you describe Spire in three words?
Personalized health, now.

What is your brand mission?
Help in the moment for health in the long-term.

How would you categorize the business you are in?
Health & Wellness.

Define what a disrupter brand is, in ten words or less?
Creating the new status quo, out of the box.

What in healthcare needs disrupting?
Access to self-regulation and monitoring that encourages pro-active mental and physical care

What’s the feeling or experience you hope a customer has when interacting with your brand?
Relief from the stress of everyday.

What do you see as your biggest opportunity and/or challenge to future growth?
Proving the power of wearable health trackers as a scalable means of improving stress management.

What’s the most important trait for a leader to have?
Engagement. Leaders should take time to understand each task, nuance and deliverable before they assign it to someone

How many hours do you sleep a night?

On any given workday, your predominant state of mind is…?
My Spire tells me I’m primarily focused during the day.


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This interview originally appeared on brandchannel.


Director of Marketing, InterbrandHealth