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Sharing Is Caring: The Future of IT & Connectivity in Health

Co.Exist recently explored what our future hospitals, healthcare, and medical data systems could look like—and what they could do for disease research, treatment, and medicine. How can brands leverage this trend for presence and profitability?

Recently author Jessica Leber posited in Co.Exist that healthcare IT may be going the way of social networking, connecting our medical records and bio data for mapping and patterning, which could aid in better diagnostic methodology, specialized treatments and even gene therapies based on unearthed connections.

As the healthcare industry slowly but surely evolves to embrace these technologies, strong healthcare brands will have a unique opportunity to break away from the pack. In the same way that consumer brands gather information on customers’ preferences and past purchases to better understand needs and develop target marketing, healthcare companies will be able to provide big data through service offerings while delivering insights that can help healthcare systems evaluate performance and refine protocols. Image and medical device brands in particular will find this extremely valuable; the sophistication of this data capturing can indeed establish value at the c-suite level and demonstrate ROI.

At InterbrandHealth we believe that focusing on patient-centered brands and creating an impactful experience for customers are two crucial tenets companies must embrace to succeed in the healthcare industry. The personalization of health will only continue to grow in 2014 and beyond. Brands must strive to be compelling for both service providers and payors, as well as within the industry. As discussions of privacy and information sharing continue, strong brands can differentiate themselves in the marketplace, developing their portfolio and championing our new, health-connected environment.


Chief Executive Officer, InterbrandHealth