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Novozymes brings its brand to life

Last week, InterbrandHealth received an intriguing email from Novozymes, a long-standing client and the world leader in bio-innovation.

Novozymes encouraged executives at InterbrandHealth to review a video that highlighted Novozymes’ success in firmly establishing its brand throughout the interior of its headquarters.

The video featured Christine Feldthaus, a Danish lifestyle consultant, visiting Novozymes’ headquarters in Bagsværd, Denmark. Feldthaus toured the reception area, the laboratory, the gift shop, conference rooms and even President & CEO Steen Riisgaard’s office.

From a stairwell transformed with an illustrative brand message, to a passing employee who could accurately explain the meaning behind a uniquely lit hallway, the video shows how Novozymes has taken its brand (a brand built with the help of InterbrandHealth) and brought it to life across all touchpoints in its headquarters.

The video illustrates how Novozymes has succeeded in sending, to visitors and employees alike, a strong and consistent message about its brand, its people, its value system, and its ongoing mission to “rethink tomorrow.”

You can view the Novozymes brand guide here and learn more about Novozymes in general, by visiting the company’s website.