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HUM offers beauty inside and out

To celebrate the launch of Interbrand’s Breakthrough Brands report, InterbrandHealth spoke with a number of health and wellness brands that have changed the market in an effort to disrupt the traditional healthcare ecosystem.

Could those pretty bottles in Sephora contain the key to clear skin, luxurious hair and weight loss? As consumers look for more products to address their holistic health and wellness concerns, demonstrating alternate benefits of nutrition may be the key to engaging new markets.

HUM Nutrition offers consumers an easy approach to beauty-based nutrition. Its products are formulated to address common beauty and lifestyle challenges through compound vitamin and mineral blends. The brand’s website allows you to customize your “cocktail” for the results you’re looking for and solves the ubiquitous education challenge in this space by connecting consumers with access to a personal nutritionist.

We talked with CEO Walter Faulstroh to learn more about the brand.

How would you describe your brand in three words?
Beautiful, transformative, knowledgeable.

How would you briefly describe your brand mission?
Make you look and feel your best.

How would you categorize the business you are in?
Beauty Nutrition.

What’s your definition of a disrupter brand, in ten words or less?
Serve the poorly served.

What in healthcare needs disrupting?

What’s the feeling or experience you hope a customer has when interacting with your brand?
Empowered, inspired and motivated to approach beauty holistically through nutritional choices that deliver long-term solutions instead of short-term cover ups.

What do you see as your biggest opportunity and/or challenge to future growth?
Transforming the way people approach beauty.

What’s the most important trait for a leader to have?

How many hours do you sleep a night?

On any given workday, your predominant state of mind is…?
Energetic and happy.

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This interview originally appeared on brandchannel.


Director of Marketing, InterbrandHealth