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Examining the Pulse of Your Employee Brand

Healthcare companies are facing massive business challenges as the entire system changes to accommodate the need for cost reduction, big data, and an aging population. As companies scramble to meet the needs of their patients and customer are they overlooking another critical constituent, their employees?

Concurrent to the changes in healthcare, the workforce is shifting as well. As baby boomers retire, Gen Xers take leadership roles, and millennials join the working world, health companies cannot afford to take their eye off the proverbial talent ball, particularly in the science/bioscience industry, where the competition for talent is fierce.

Healthcare companies can’t meet their business goals without top talent, and today’s top talent demands a culture that is authentic and consistent. Far too often the internal, “employee” brand is not fully developed or understood, and managed by the HR group, which may have had little to no say in the development of the corporate brand strategy. This can lead to inconsistency with the external brand and confusion among employees.

This is a big issue. Today’s generation of employees is not just connected and tech-saavy; this young group is looking for a workplace environment that goes well beyond salary, bonus, vacation, and flex-schedules. A culture of respect, corporate responsibility, and community is what matters now, and because this is values-based, it can’t be faked or just put on a sign.

A recent piece on The Huffington Post noted: “When it comes to the workplace, millennials don’t seem to have the same sense of loyalty to their employers as do earlier generations, particularly Baby Boomers. They keep their distance, are slower to make an emotional connection. They tend to be quicker to change jobs, vote with their feet and seek a more open corporate environment.”

Since your employees ultimately drive your corporate or product customer-facing brand, your employee brand must be fully defined and connect to the needs of your brand ambassadors—your people.

Consider your own employee brand:

Understand It
Have you defined it? How is it connected to your external brand, and how is it unique? How does it differentiate your company from your competitors in the eyes of top talent?

Retain Talent
Do you know the key values of your employees? What drives them to go the extra mile? Is the internal brand resonating with long-term employees and new hires alike?

Attract Talent
How are your current employees and HR and communications teams representing your employee brand in social media? How do potential employee candidates perceive it?

In the new world of health, an authentic employee brand is no longer a great add-on. It’s an essential piece of your company’s inner workings that directly impacts your external brand strategy and overall longevity and success.


Executive Director, Client Services