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13,461 $B

Amgen ranks #6 with a brand value of USD $13.461 billion. Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, CA, Amgen launched in 1980 as one of the world’s first biotechnology companies. The company focuses on therapeutic areas of high, unmet medical need in oncology/ hematology, bone health, nephrology, neuroscience, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease. 

Amgen’s corporate brand has a strong influence on driving decisions among healthcare professionals (HCPs) and, with the exception of Pfizer, it outperformed all peer companies in overall Brand Strength. The company gets high marks from HCPs for its excellence in niche therapy areas and has demonstrated its ability to push the boundaries of what constitutes value today. The survey respondents also attach high significance to Amgen’s dedication to addressing unmet medical needs through research and development (R&D) and its expertise in specific therapeutic areas. 

Amgen often collaborates with other industry leaders such as Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, N.J., U.S.A., known as MSD outside the United States of America and Canada; Roche; and Novartis to speed the development of high-impact drugs, and the success of these partnerships is evident in HCPs’ perceptions of the brand. In addition, the groundbreaking programs Amgen pioneered in anemia seem to have been the bedrock of the company’s approach to adding value in the marketplace. The strategy has proven effective, as HCPs are strongly inclined to choose Amgen, in large part, as a provider of valuable services and programs, which it currently builds around its product offerings.

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