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We hope that our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) gives you a thorough look into Best Pharma Brands. If you have additional questions, please use the contact information below to connect with us.

What is InterbrandHealth?

InterbrandHealth is the global center of excellence for all health business at Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy.


What is Best Pharma Brands?

Best Pharma Brands is InterbrandHealth’s inaugural Top 10 ranking, quantifying the corporate brand’s contribution to business performance in the biopharmaceutical industry.


Why conduct a Best Pharma Brands ranking?

The role that the corporate brand plays in driving quantifiable growth for healthcare companies is rising significantly. Best Pharma Brands explores how the dynamics of healthcare are changing as corporate brands are used more effectively. The report sets an important industry benchmark and helps organizations understand how investment in their corporate brand can drive financial value back to their businesses. By revealing a clear picture of your business and value through the brand, companies can avoid being misunderstood.


Are the evaluation criteria for Best Pharma Brands industry specific?

Yes. InterbrandHealth tailored the Brand Valuation model that powers Best Pharma Brands to the specific dynamics of the biopharma industry. Best Pharma Brands focuses on the perceptions of Healthcare Professionals (General Practitioners, Specialists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Policymakers and Payers), the primary influencers for the corporate brand, rather than end users/consumers. Additionally, the financial model reflects industry-relevant assumptions related to corporate tax rates and cost of capital, and includes revenue generated from prescription drug sales only.


What does brand value mean?

Brand value represents the proportion of business value that is generated by the brand. It can be thought of as the brand’s financial contribution to business results.


Does this study look at product brands?

No.  This study examines the corporate brand and its ability to drive choice across product brands among healthcare providers. The corporate brand is the overarching, market-facing entity that brings biopharmaceutical-based products to market. The corporate brand is not the same as the brand names for the individual subsidiaries, products, services or offerings of a company.


How does your methodology work?

Our Methodology page offers an in-depth look at our process, outlining how the research was conducted, who was surveyed, and the inputs for Brand Valuation.


How does a company qualify for Best Pharma Brands?

There are several criteria for inclusion in the InterbrandHealth Best Pharma Brands report, the first biopharmaceutical company ranking of its kind.  A brand must be an established biopharmaceutical company with a global presence.  In measurable terms, this requires that:

-The parent company generates revenue from the sale of prescription products

-The corporate brand has generated global awareness among Healthcare Professionals (General Practitioners, Specialists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Policymakers and Payers) and is the primary, external-facing manufacturer brand

-The parent company is publicly traded and there is sufficient publicly available financial data that indicates the ratio of revenues generated from prescription drug sales

-The company keeps an active pipeline of future drugs that generates a positive forecast for longer-term economic profit


What information is in the full report?

The full report contains: the Top 10 ranking with the corporate brand values; full company profiles; an overview article from our CEO, Jane Parker; an in-depth look at our methodology; and insights from the research on the Role of Brand, Corporate Citizenship, and Mergers & Acquisitions.


How do I get a copy of the full report?

Request a download of the Best Pharma Brands report.


Who do I contact for more information?


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