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R. John Fidelino

Executive Director, Creative

R. John Fidelino has been bringing a fresh sense of style to InterbrandHealth since 1996. As Executive Director of Creative, R. John is responsible for the development and fulfillment of InterbrandHealth’s creative output, both verbal and visual, on a global basis. His strategy-driven approach challenges contemporary healthcare marketing without losing sight of real, practical needs.

At InterbrandHealth, R. John has helped transform how we think about disease, their treatments and the industry in general.  Through creation of groundbreaking brand names such as Viagra, Enbrel, Kaletra and Pegasys; numerous clinical trial brands; and many coined and/or co-opted scientific terms,  R. John has shaped the dialogues and conversations around our health.  From a visuals standpoint, he has focused on challenging the cliché’s of the industry to ensure distinctive and more meaningful connections with target audiences. Meanwhile, R. John’s corporate and franchise work has helped companies like Merck, GSK, Pfizer, Northshore University Health System, Medtronic and Stiefel, leverage their brands to create value for their customers and shareholders, manage their brand across their businesses and make a positive impact on the industry’s image.

R. John has a Bachelor of Science in Neural Sciences from Brown University. His diverse background in the arts includes acting in and directing theater and film.